Transportation Modes

Well-established transport logistics is paramount to the success of many businesses. In logistics, there are many modes of cargo transport which can be divided by the type of transport and nature of the cargo, etc.

Cargo can be delivered by air, ocean, road, rail. When arranging for the cargo transport, it is essential to select the correct mode of transport based on commercial requirements (delivery time, type and size of cargo, distance, temperature, etc.).

It may often be a combination of modes during one transportation which will translate it into a multimodal shipment.

Groupage cargo involves consolidation and transportation of several smaller shipments of various suppliers into full truck or container load on a specific route.

During containerised shipments goods are transported in standard ISO containers of various types by sea, land or as part of a multimodal transportation.

Instant quotes for the cargo transport are available on our website.

To receive a rate fill in the data which includes basic cargo parameters as well as ‘from’ and ‘to’, and the system will find and offer you all available routes and rates.

One can book cargo transportation, or add value-added services such as customs clearance or cargo insurance.

When you book during our office hours, then within 15 minutes or so, a personal manager will contact you to confirm necessary details and will arrange the shipment for you.

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