Agora Freight
We have simplified the process of calculating freight rates and placing bookings using a simple-to-use but accurate and reliable on-line rate and cargo booking platform.

The best cost options

Free access to up-to-date competitive rates for the transportation of your goods by various modes of transport, including multimodal transportation, all on-line. No hidden costs or unpleasant surprises!

Optimal transportation option

Enter the parameters of the cargo, collection and destination points, and the online system will calculate the various options for the delivery of cargo, both cost and transit time.

Only verified members

It is no secret that freight forwarders, in essence, being “transport architects,” arrange shipments via their partners: air, maritime, road carriers and overseas transport agents. Our worldwide partner network has been tested over many years of cooperation and thousands of shipments.

Personal manager

We are sure that everything that can be digitised will be digitised, but no technology can replace personal attention within the transportation process. On placing a booking, a personal manager will contact you promptly and make all the necessary arrangements.

Convenient cargo booking method

Agora Freight is a fast, convenient and efficient way to order the transportation of goods by various modes of transport. You no longer need to spend time sending out rate requests to several companies to find the best option. Here you get it online and can immediately place an order.

By combining our vast experience in the freight industry with digitalisation expertise, we aim to make our clients’ journeys quicker and as efficient as possible.
We assume responsibility over the
cargo and entire delivery process.
Our liabilities are underwritten by the leading global
insurer of the transportation and logistics industry
Transportation modes
The process
How it works

Enter the route, weight, and dimensions of cargo.


Choose the most suitable options for the shipment of your cargo.


Submit your booking which will be immediately assigned to one of our specialists who will manage everything from there.


Track your cargo in your personal area, automatic e-mail or sms notifications on status changes may be switched on.

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Personal Area
Our platform is operational
and correctly configured

Our platform always knows exactly where your cargo is located and when it will be delivered, even during holidays and at weekends.

This information is available in your personal area, where, by the way, not only you, but also your colleagues can work in a single workspace.
In this way all interested staff members from your company can access the data.

The most important thing is that you receive information about changes in the status of your cargo, in your personal area, promptly and in real time.

Accordingly, you no longer have to spend time searching for this information via carriers’ websites.

Your personal area includes:

Current statuses and documentation for your cargos.

Automatic cargo tracking for more than 150 airlines and the top 20 shipping lines in the world.

Summary (history) of payments
and bookings.

Reports and statistics.

You can also enable automatic notifications via
e-mail or messenger which is convenient and practical.

widget B2B
For online
stores and
We are responsible for the cargo and delivery time.

A unique widget shows the cost of delivery of your merchandise to the address of the visitor of your site online and allows to immediately place a booking. Interesting?

Contact us and our specialists will provide integration information and support.

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As a result:
  • Neither you nor the client need to spend time searching for and calculating rates.
  • You earn additional revenue on logistics by receiving a commission for each order.
  • You stand out from the competition by providing your customers with the best service.
Technically, it’s simple:
  • API integration allows you to instantly receive and use the parameters of your product to calculate the cost of delivery.
  • The customer can see the cost of delivery directly in the order cart of your online store in seconds after entering the final destination.
  • When placing an order, the delivery order automatically appears in our platform.
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