Shipping form Turkey

Features and Advantages

Turkey is a country with a developing economy. It is demonstrating a high pace in development and exports a huge amount of goods.

It is the 18th largest economy in the world, the 6th largest economy in Europe, and the leader in terms of GDP among developing countries. The main export items are vehicles, engineering products, agricultural products, furniture and its components, electrical appliances, clothing and textiles.
Energy resources, iron and steel are most often imported to Turkey.

The key importers of Turkish goods are Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, Netherlands, USA, Iraq, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates. The Russian Federation also imports many goods from Turkey, and therefore the service of cargo transportation from Turkey to Russia is in high demand.

How are goods delivered from Turkey? Turkey has a developed transport system. The dominant position in the system of cargo shipment belongs to road transport. These transportation modes can also be used for export from Turkey:

  • ocean freight
  • air freight
  • road transportation
  • multimodal transportation (combined mode involving delivery by several modes of transport)

How long does the shipment ship from Turkey take?

The delivery times from Turkey are largely determined by the chosen type of transportation. For example, delivery by road from Turkey to Moscow can take from 7 to 9 days, and air delivery – 1-5 days.

Transport infrastructure features

Turkey has a developed transport infrastructure, and its advantageous geographical location at the crossroads of the main trade routes of Asia, Europe and Africa allows cargoes to be shipped via all modes of transport.

Efficiency of online payments

Agora Freight algorithms will calculate the best routes and provide quotes for cargo transportation from Turkey. You can book transportation or just get to know the cost of cargo delivery from Turkey to Russia or other countries in a matter of seconds.

Personal Assistant

During business hours, 15 minutes after the booking, a personal manager will contact you to clarify the details and organize the cargo shipment.

Our liabilities are insured by the TTClub London

Our clients do not need to worry about the safety of goods. We are insured by the leading international logistics company in the field of insurance, TTClub London.

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Transportation modes

Авиадоставка из Турции

Air freight from Turkey

Air freight is the most fastest way to deliver goods from Turkey to Russia.

Turkey has well-developed air freight industry with connections to many countries. Despite the high cost of air cargo transportation, when delivery time is a priority cargo delivery by air is the best option. It also suits best when the cargo characteristics limit the choice of other transportation modes.
Depending on the type of cargo and its dimensions, delivery from Turkey to Moscow by air takes 1-5 days.

Advantages of cargo delivery by air from Turkey to Russia:

  • Air transport is used for the rapid delivery of valuable goods, the transportation of perishable products, medicines, and similar goods.
  • Delivery of goods by air minimizes the risks of theft and damage to cargo
  • Air transportation from Turkey is quite variable: delivery can be carried out by passenger, freighter and charter flights.

LCL Shipments from Turkey

With Agora Freight you can ship any groupage cargo from Turkey to the Russian Federation and vice versa – book a shipment and track the progress online!

Our clients often need to ship some small cargo from Turkey – in this case, we recommend using LTL transportation, which allows receiving a small consignment of goods from 1 cubic meter or metric ton in a relatively short time. On average, the delivery of LCL cargo takes from 7 to 10 days.

Consolidated cargo shipments from Turkey to Russia has a number of advantages:

  • Efficiency: the ability to send and receive your cargo within a reasonable time
  • Availability: favorable cost of LCL transportation
  • Convenience: the ability to combine different vehicles (ship, car)

LCL shipment can be delivered to almost anywhere in the Russian Federation.

Контейнерные перевозки Турция

Container shipments from Turkey

Agora Freight is a unique combination of experience in cargo transportation and modern digital technologies.

You can get an accurate quotation for container shipment from/to Turkey in just a few clicks with Agora Freight.
The system shows all possible routes in the directions you set, you just need to choose the one that suits you the best and book transportation online.

Container transportation from Turkey is popular due to its cost efficiency and the wide range of ocean carriers calling at its ports. Depending on the cargo type, we can offer the following types of containers for transportation by from Turkey: 20’ and 40’, 40’ high cube, 40’ pallet wide, 20’ and 40’ flat racks, 20’ and 40’ open tops, 20’ and 40’ reefer, 20’ ISO tanks.

The estimated transit time from the ports of Ambarli, Izmit, Izmir, Mersin to the port of St. Petersburg is 24 days, to the port of Novorossiysk it is 4 days. Multimodal transportation of containers from Turkey (sea and road) will take between 10 to 16 days.

Автодоставка из Турции

Road freight from Turkey

Agora Freight gives you the opportunity to access instant and real-time rates for your trucking requirement from Turkey to Russia in just a couple of clicks.

Trucking from Turkey to Russia can be carried out using the following vehicles:

  • container trucks
  • tilt trucks, vans (volume from 8 to 120 m³, up to 22 tons)
  • refrigerators that maintain temperatures from -20°C to +20°C (volume from 82 to 86 m³, up to 22 tons)
  • low-frame platforms for transportation of oversized cargo
  • On average, cargo road transportation from Turkey to Russia takes 5-7 days. Transportation can also be carried out as part of groupage cargo (LCL shipments). It is possible to consolidate the consignment of cargo from different customers throughout the European Union and deliver it to the Russian Federation by one vehicle.


What is shipped
from Turkey?

Leather products
Clothes and shoes
Car parts
Medical equipment
The process

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Enter the route, weight, and dimensions of cargo.


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