Shipments from Germany

Features and Advantages

Germany is famous for its stable economy and highly developed industry.

There are many enterprises comprising mechanical engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical industries and the agricultural sector in Germany. Products manufactured in Germany are intended not only for domestic consumption but also for export. This is a reliable partner of Russia in the European Union.

The flow of cargo transportation between our countries is considered to be established and growing, and the service of cargo shipment from Germany to Russia is one of the most frequently requested forwarding services. Transportation times depend on the route and the chosen mode of transport.

Delivery times from Germany

Delivery times from Germany vary. For example, air freight can take from 1 to 5 days, ocean freight – 3-5 days, the estimated time of road transportation from Germany to Moscow – 5-7 days.

Transport infrastructure

The German transport system is highly developed, with a dense network of roads and railways, ports and airports. Trucking accounts for 60% of the cargo traffic.

Instant Rate Quotation

Agora Freight automatically builds suitable routes online and calculates the cost of cargo shipment from Germany to Russia.

Personal Account Manager

During business hours, 15 minutes after the booking, a personal manager will contact you to clarify the details and organize the cargo shipment.

Your cargo is safe with us

No need to worry about the safety of your cargo. Our liabilities are insured by the leading international insurance company in the field of logistics, the TTClub London.

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Transportation modes

Авиаперевозка грузов из Германии

Air Freight from Germany

Airfreight from Germany to Russia is the best solution when the cargo is relatively small or it is important to receive it within a few days from the moment of cargo readiness.

Agora Freight will deliver cargoes of various types from Germany, including perishable food, medicines, artwork, spare parts and other valuable goods.
We fulfil your order on time, with a high level of service and at a competitive rate.

Airfreight is shipped via the largest airports in Germany: Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Berlin. The estimated delivery time from Germany to Moscow is from 1 to 5 days.

Advantages of cargo air freight from Germany:

  • high speed
  • safety of cargo during the air transportation
  • competitive rates

Specify the point of departure and destination, the basic cargo characteristics, get an online quote for airfreight from Germany. No need to sign up.

Автомобильные грузоперевозки из Германии

Road Freight from Germany

Road transportation from Germany to Russia is an efficient and safe way of transporting goods, and it is very popular.

Cargo shipping from Germany to Russia is carried out by tilt trucks or containers. This mode of transportation usually takes 5 to 7 days, when the destination is Moscow.
Cargo from Germany to the Russian Federation or from the Russian Federation to Germany is delivered by:

  • tilt trucks with a carrying capacity of up to 22 tons – for a volume of 30–120 m3;
  • refrigerators with a carrying capacity of up to 22 tons – for a volume of 82–86 m3 with an adjustable temperature regime from -20°С to +20°С
  • containers of all types;
  • low-bed trailers.

Agora Freight combines freight forwarder experience, digital technologies and knowledge of the specifics of international shipping, including road delivery of goods from Germany.

Морские грузоперевозки из Германии

Ocean Freight from Germany

Agora Freight provides ocean freight services from Germany to the Russian Federation, as well as for exports from the Russian Federation to Germany.

Ocean freight from Germany to Russia is shipped via full (FCL) and groupage (LCL) containers from the ports of Bremerhaven and Hamburg to St. Petersburg in 3-5 days.

Our ocean shipping services from Germany include:

  • international sea transportation of goods in full (FCL) and groupage containers (LCL), as well as “roll-on / roll-off” cargo from Germany to the Russian Federation, through the seaports of the Russian Federation, Finland and the Baltic states, as well as for export;
  • freight forwarding services in the ports of Germany and the Russian Federation;
  • customs transit by road;
  • intermediate storage and transshipment of goods in ports;
  • “door-to-door” delivery.

Depending on the terms of your contract with the supplier, we can arrange both ocean freight as a single service, or a full range of door-to-door cargo delivery services, including insurance and customs clearance.

Доставка сборных грузов из Германии

LCL Shipment from Germany

LCL cargo delivery from Germany is one of the most popular types of transportation provided by Agora Freight.

Due to the growing role of online trading, interest in a groupage cargo shipment from Germany to Russia, or, in other words, cargo belonging to the LCL (Less Than Container Loads) and LTL (Less Than Truck Loads) segment, is growing rapidly.

Despite the fact that, per kilogram of weight, the cost of delivery of one pallet as part of an LCL/LTL cargo is significantly higher than in the case of FTL cargo, groupage shipments are increasingly popular, as they reduce the risks of overstocking and the cost of servicing attracted capital, which is especially important for small businesses and startups.

Agora Freight allows you to book the LCL/LTL cargo from Germany to the Russian Federation just in one click – simply and without any hassle.
The estimated delivery time for LCL cargo from Germany to Moscow is 5-10 days.

Контейнерные перевозки из Германии

Container Shipment from Germany

Container shipment from Germany to Russia is a popular, safe and quite an efficient way of transporting goods.

Digital forwarder Agora Freight organizes the transportation of raw materials and goods in all types of containers from Germany to the Russian Federation and vice versa. We ship containers from Hamburg, Bremen, Rostock, Sassnitz, Berlin, Dresden and other cities. Container shipments from Germany are carried out through the seaports of the Russian Federation, Finland and the Baltic states.

We can organize door-to-door container transportation and offer our customers not only fast dispatch but also low prices for container shipments from Germany. The estimated delivery time from the ports of Bremerhaven, Hamburg (Germany) to the port of St. Petersburg is 3–5 days. Estimated time of multimodal transportation from Germany to Moscow is 7-14 days. We also offer container shipping services from the Russian Federation to Germany.

Our system provides free access to real time competitive rates for container shipping from Germany to the Russian Federation and back – all this is available online and with no need to sign up.


What is frequently shipped
from Germany?

Car parts
Clothes and shoes
Digital and home appliances
Leather products
Medical equipment
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