About us

Agora Freight is one of the first digital freight forwarders to have developed a global online quotation and booking IT platform in conjunction with one of Europe’s leading IT companies.

As those of us in the industry understand, a lot of time and effort, not to mention money, is spent in finding the correct freight rate and delivery option.

Our international team with more than 20 years of experience within the logistics and IT industries, has now simplified the process of calculating freight rates and placing bookings using a simple-to-use but accurate and reliable on-line rate and cargo booking platform incorporating only the most reliable and trusted vendors: carriers and agents with whom we have been partnering for years.

Using unique algorithms, the platform offers multiple rates including Air, FCL/LCL, FTL/LTL, multimodal rates and service options including door to door, so that our clients can choose the most appropriate one for their delivery criteria.

We believe that everything that can be digitalised will be digitalised, but no technology can replace personal attention to the full logistics process.

When a booking is made, we look after all your operational requirements with a dedicated and highly qualified team of experts in each country.

Our aim is to make your journey quicker and as efficient as possible by combining our vast experience in freight industry with digitalisation.

At the moment the platform covers trade lanes between China, Vietnam, Southern Korea, USA, EU countries and Russia, more of them will be added soon.

Internal rates within Russia (LTL, FTL, LCL, FCL, air) are also available.

We are continually working to expand the geographical coverage of the system and are always open to partnerships with like-minded logistics companies in any part of the world.